Let business and technology connect

KTT NETCOM provides various system engineering and installation services, covering telecom, security monitoring, access control, network and cable wiring, meanwhile, providing various hardware and equipment for client to select.

Office Telephone System

PABX, IP-PABX, Key-line phone, conferencing system and voice-logging system, installation and configuration service

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Access Control and Monitoring

Finger-print, card reader access control system, CCTV, IP-Cam, DVR, security system installation and setting service

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Office Internet Network

Office computer and internet and Wi-Fi access network equipment and installation service

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Home Automation Made Simple

“Smart Home” or “Home Automation” be a buzz word comes hand-in-hand with the progress of IoT, Internet of Things. It makes life easier and smarter. The most important thing is that it makes good use of energy.

System Integration Services

Business system is composed of computer network, access control, security monitoring, telecommunication system, projector and conference equipment, office machine, electricity power connection, etc., both hardware and software. In one-stop, KTT NETCOM installs, integrate and configs all these hardware and software in one seamless system for our client to use. KTT NETCOM also provides various brand

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