Cable Wiring

Cabling Wiring Service

Cable is the nerves of office telephone, network, access control and security monitoring system. Without connection and data network cable, no office equipment and network system could function. Cabling is the pre-condition work for installation of business system.

Service including: 
KTT provides high quality, flexible and efficient cabling contractual services for our business partners and clients to ensure hustle-free finishing.

  • Data cable: UTP cable and Optic fiber cable for computer and wi-Fi network
  • Telephone System cable: Trucking connection and Wiring
  • Data and power cable for access control system
  • Data and power cable for security monitoring system
  • Server room cable management
  • indoor and outdoor cable wiring and trunking engineering

Cable Conduit and Trunking Engineering

For cable protection indoor or outdoor, conduit installation or trucking engineering is also essential. We also provide this kind of engineering service along with cable wiring service.


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