Office Network Installation

Internet and cloud business service become essential business infrastructure. Without it, no company can do daily business operation. KTT provides a full business network infrastructure installation and configuration service to assure business entity can enjoy the power of connectivity. Our engineering service starts from ground up, from data cable wiring, to network equipment, such firewall and network router/switch providence, installation and configuration, to Wi-Fi access point installation. Being an one-stop service and equipment provider.


Data Cable Wiring

Network data cable is the “vine” of office network data transmission. It provides a stable data transmission, enable data signal flowing stably and reliably within office that computers can communicate with each other. Meanwhile, it can enable computer to access the internet, for surfing the World Wide Web and utilizing Cloud computing service. KTT provides data cable wiring service for making it happens.




Firewall Installation and Configuration

As the prevailing of cyber-crime, spam and computer virus, a sound Firewall is very crucial for company to save guard its office network, on the one hand, protecting them from cyber attach or the infection of virus, on the other hand, the business data. Without business data, company cease to operation. Therefore, KTT provides various reputable and reliable brand name of firewall for our client to select. And we will provide firewall installation and configuration service, in order to suit the


Network Switch Installation and Configuration

Network switch plays an important role in network. Without it computers cannot be connected together. It is the basic infrastructure of an office network. KTT can help you erect an office network by installing various grades and scale network switch that suit your need and budget.



Wi-Fi Access Point Installation and Configuration

Connecting and accessing Internet without a fixed-line connection becomes a must in the age of smart phone. Wi-Fi access point (AP) has a penchant to replace data cable and become a major access to network and internet, even in indoor office environment. Apart from data cable wiring, KTT also provide installation and configuration service for office use Wi-Fi AP. 





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