System Maintenance Service

Maintenance Service – Keeping Your System In Shape

If the warranty period or maintenance contract of your company’s  telephone system, access control & security system, as well as your PC & network is expired, they are still operating in good shape and you can join KTT’s Maintenance Service to take coverage of the system. Just in case any problem happened, our technical staff can take a site visit and trouble-shoot the problem or get them repaired. Our maintenance service covers various system incuding:

  • Telephone System (PABX)
  • Access Control System
  • Security Monitoring System
  • Network system
  • PC

Telephone System Re-programming Service

Current PABX system is more versatile then you think. It perform a lot communication functions. It has different settings and configuration that can meet the specific need of each corporation.

As time went by the corporate structure changed or business environment changes as well, the original setting and configuration of the telephone system is no longer match the change. The telephone system has to be reprogrammed and re-configured. However, you find that your original telephone system vendor was long gone or your maintenance contract was expired. It is time you join KTT’s telephone system maintenance program.

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