Conference Systems – Travel-Expense Saving Alternative

Business travel, no matter how far-away or within proximity, takes cost, both time and transport. A good quality conference system can achieve the result of face-to-face meeting without involving physical transport. It saves business traveling cost, especially when the meeting attendances are from different continents of the world. There are two main types of conference system: (1) Video Conference System and (2) Voice Conference System. 

Video Conference System

Video conference system enables both distant parties seeing and hearing each other clearly. The down side of video conferencing are (1) both parties should install the same video conference equipment in order to facilitate function and (2) high quality conference equipment is not cheap and it demand high bandwidth of data connection. The fixed location installation of conferencing equipment also limit the movement of the meeting attendance. If the attendances are from different countries, business travel is unavoidable.

Web-based multi-parties video conference service can take care of the need of such diversity of geographic location disbursement. Meanwhile, without the need for conference equipment installation. This dramatically cuts down the cost of using conference and hence attendance located in different countries can join the video conference without any physical movement. It provides convenient and cheaper cost of multi-parties video conference. However, the major drawback of web-based video conference is its video and sound quality. They are very dependent on the internet access quality and bandwidth of the participants’ internet access. Even of large bandwidth internet access the sound quality cannot compare to conventional video conference system that provide true duplex sound communication that both parties can speak at the same time and their conversation would not be jammed by other’s conversation.    

Voice Conference System

Voice conferencing is a more cost-saving and flexible alternative to Video conference. Voice conference imposes less hardware and bandwidth dependency than that of video conference. By using conference phone or virtual-room facilitated by installing Conference Bridge, multiple-location voice conference is possible. In other word, no matter wherever the meeting attendance may be, he/she can join the voice conference by just dial into the “virtual conference room” using mobile phone or office telephone. What he/she misses is that he/she cannot see the face of other meeting parties.

Conference Phone

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